Welcome to the Members Only Area

Welcome, Philo Member! – and a special welcome to our new members:  Mo, Terri M, Cindy.


You’re asked to sign up for at least One committee from the variety of projects in the Philo service options.  In our past history,  members were asked to sign up for Three committees.  There is a currently a high level of need in our community – and in some of our committees. Active Members, please consider signing up for Two committees.  Honorary Members, please sign up as you are able.

To Log In to this private section you’ll need the common user ID:  Lavender.  If you need the password, please contact a member or email info@philoloveland.org.     

Please do not attempt to change your login OR password for this private site.

Here are the steps to Sign Up for Committees.

Getting to the right spot:

1 – Log In to this private section.

2 – Click on “Committees” in the Menu row at the top.  You do not need to pull down to another header – only click on the word: Committees to open the Sign Up page.

Making your choices on the Sign Up page.

3 – On this Sign Up page, you have the option to click on the Underlined-in-Pink Committee Name if you’d like to read the Committee Description.  Then Return to the Sign Up page. 

4 – Some Chair and CO-chair slots have been filled.  Click on a line to enter your name for ONE (or TWO ?) committees.  You are welcome to enter your name as a Co-chair, as you desire.  

5 – You will also enter your preferred email and your preferred phone number.  Change ‘lavender’ to YOUR name.  Change ‘info@philomember.org’ to YOUR preferred email.  Add your phone #.

Hostessing Sign UP

6 – Continue to the bottom of the Committee Sign-up and see the choices to sign up for Hostessing a meeting.  (This does not satisfy your One committee for Active members.)

7 – You’ll receive an email acknowledging that you have signed up.  

If you have questions or difficulty, you’re welcome to call Peg at 970-227-7127.




Someone who serves as a member of a philanthropic or volunteer organization for the good of the community.

“Philo,” short for Philomatheon Club, is one of the oldest service clubs in Loveland. Founded in 1918 by high school students, the club was organized as a way for young women to come together in friendship and service to the community. Today, 104 years later, these goals remain. Beginning as a small group of 10, the club has grown to over a hundred members, in groups of Active, Honorary, or Emeritus members.


“The Grandest Girls I Know”

Pink and Lavender

Flower Sweet Pea

Friendship, Service and Love Harmony, Kindness and Forbearance