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Welcome, Philo Member!

You are now at the Welcome to Members-Only section of www.philoloveland.org.  This section will not be active until you login with the UserName and Password , which was sent to you in a separate email just recently. 

Before you begin exploring, here’s some background info to begin this new website experience.

https://philoloveland.org is created with the WIX platform, by Jamie Powell.  This is the public-facing section that will come up when people search for us, and when you first entered the website. To add public-facing news to this section, please send the information to:  Philopublicity@gmail.com

When you clicked the Members tab, and scrolled down to click Members-Only (M-O) Website, you were directed to a private section created with Word Press by Julie Seat of Longs Peak Web Design and Hosting, LLC.  Word Press has several “plug-in programs” that meet the varied needs for organizing our information.  For comments, questions, or information to add to M-O, please send via email to:  info@philomembers.org.

At this Members-Only Welcome page, you’ll find the login link in the upper left hand corner.  Click that to open the login page.  Use the username and password  info that was sent to you in a Philo Mass e-Mailing to Members.  If you forget that info, get help from another Philo member, because we all use the same login.

Our work is not done!  The Members-Only section “build” is still in process.

Phase I is completed  It refers to the compilation of our documents that were previously found in a Yearbook, and are now called The Philo Handbook (23 pages).  You received a pdf of the 23 pages that you could download or print.  It is now available online where we can easily update the info as needed.    

Phase II is completed (with continued editing)  It includes the Membership Directory with connection info and photos, a new layout of committee information, and a new calendar using the Google calendar app.  All of this was a challenge and took some time to find the appropriate plugins for what we needed.  If you find any errors, please send an email to info@philomembers.org or leave a message for anyone on our Website Administration team.

Phase III will be started next, which includes the organization and loading of current and/or archived documents.  We’ll let you know when that is completed.

Enjoy your time exploring the info!      We “affectionately” call learning a new website “dinking around” the web pages. As you explore and have questions or comments – please email  info@philomembers.org        


Peg Isakson, Jamie Powell, Diane McInturff, Peggy Pellizzari, Website Administration Team



Someone who serves as a member of a philanthropic or volunteer organization for the good of the community.

“Philo,” short for Philomatheon Club, is one of the oldest service clubs in Loveland. Founded in 1918 by high school students, the club was organized as a way for young women to come together in friendship and service to the community. Today, 104 years later, these goals remain. Beginning as a small group of 10, the club has grown to over a hundred members, in groups of Active, Honorary, or Emeritus members.


“The Grandest Girls I Know”

Pink and Lavender

Flower Sweet Pea

Friendship, Service and Love Harmony, Kindness and Forbearance