Welcome to the Members Only Area

What to find in Members Only:

Looking forward to Philo year 2023-2024,  we offer a few tips for this Members Only web section full of information.

You can use the pull-down menu from “About Us” and print a full Philo Handbook for the 2023-2024 year, or you can choose to pull-down just one section of information, listed below.

  • Our By-laws and Officer information
  • Philo Calendar for the fiscal year 
  • Members’ Birthdays
  • Membership Directory,  with names, photos, and contact info for each member
  • Member Status (years & level of membership or LOA=Leave of Absence) 
  • Archived information, with previous lists of Members, Newsletters and Minutes 

The Committee listing will continue to be improved.  For now, you should be able to search for and find your committee by using the abbreviation.

The Sunshine Team info will be deleted.  Watch for a Mass Email regarding that change.

Take a few minutes and wander through the pull-downs, clicks and links.  If you would like to chat to find or correct something, you’re welcome to call Peg @970-227-7127.



Someone who serves as a member of a philanthropic or volunteer organization for the good of the community.

“Philo,” short for Philomatheon Club, is one of the oldest service clubs in Loveland. Founded in 1918 by high school students, the club was organized as a way for young women to come together in friendship and service to the community. Today, 104 years later, these goals remain. Beginning as a small group of 10, the club has grown to over a hundred members, in groups of Active, Honorary, or Emeritus members.


“The Grandest Girls I Know”

Pink and Lavender

Flower Sweet Pea

Friendship, Service and Love Harmony, Kindness and Forbearance